22 sierpnia 2017

POSITIONAL GAMES - eBook (English version)

        About four weeks ago I presented my new eBook 'Positional Games'. Of course at first it was only in Polish language, but I have got many questions about translations this document. On facebook fanpage I can see more and more foreign coaches and special for You today I share my the newest eBook in English version.

        Close to my coaching philosophy is sentences "Play like you train, train like you want to play". And I think that positional games are one of better things to train this way. But what exactly mean "positional games'?

For me, this is a kind of games where the most important is fact that players always play on position at most similar to their line-up during match (according to Game Model). Forms od these games could be very different, it’s close connected with goal which we want to realize during training.

For more information and many proposal of positional games I send you to eBook. You can download it below. I encourage you to read the eBook and then share your impressions and comments.

Download eBook (picture below) and share it with Your friends.

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